2016: A Year In Reflection: Not yet The End for Ms. Nova

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As 2016 comes to an end, it appears that it’s not going to be the end of my career as Lisbeth Nova.

It’s been an epic and unexpected year, and many things that occurred proved to solidify both my stubbornness and my perseverance — to keep going and constantly improve both myself and my surroundings.

It’s sometimes hard to think about how far you have come and all the things you have achieved, unless you have some kind of reminder of where you were at a year ago. Just the other day I had to update my health profile at a spa I regularly go to, and it totally took me by surprise how many of my health conditions had disappeared. I never felt more proud of myself.

In 2016, I really focused on building myself back up again after both personal and professional relationships fell apart. I finally stopped blaming myself, and I recognized that as much as I cared about particular people, the feelings were not always mutual; I was putting my efforts and energy into maintaining relationships with people who, on reflection, were completely toxic for me. I can’t control the choices and actions of those around me, but I can control my own actions and choices — and my decisions were not to be around such toxicity.

At the end of the day, I had to learn what was good for ME, and do things the way that *I* wanted. I’ll be first to admit that I went through an incredible grieving process, losing such friendships in my life — but it is true that time does heal. It was really hard to believe that at the time, but I got through it and have made some really dear friends both within and outside the escorting world out who have made a far more positive impact in my life.

Working in the sex industry can truly be one of the biggest tests of your boundaries. I think this year confirmed and solidified my own boundaries, both in my personal and professional life. I can honestly tell you that before becoming an escort don’t think I understood — or even knew — my own limits and choices.

In fact, I think I often went along with things to appease people, even when I deep down knew it didn’t feel right. Maybe it might seem odd to tell you this, but my clients treated me so well that I realized how crappy I was being treated in my personal life.

I realized that I needed to treat myself better — and take care of myself better — because in order to be happy it really does starts with yourself.

So, in 2016, I really did start taking care of myself better. The health problems I was experiencing over a year ago (high blood pressure, migraines, lower back pain and a number of other stress related conditions) are officially totally gone — I can actually say that I am kind of ripped!

Physical health plays such a key role in your overall well-being, and if anyone asks me what got me out of the darkest periods, I can honestly say: exercise, sleep, doing what I am passionate about and surrounding myself with really good people.

I will no longer deal with — in my personal or professional life — with anyone who tries to dictate or control what I should or should not do, no matter how much money, education, plastic surgery or brand names they have. One’s true colours show from your attitude and treatment of others. Attitude is everything!

So, now, on the eve of 2017, I am looking forward to an exciting year. I am going to continue working out and improving my health. And I have some big events, including a photo shoot and a couple of tours, in the next few months.

Already 2017 is looking to be an action-packed year and I am looking forward to seeing some new and old faces! Friendships and love and laughter (and lust!) can make this new year special for us all.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays Everyone!